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"I've used V-KRETE since early 2018 for slat repairs. I have not seen any appreciable wear. It is easy to work with, sets fast and holds up better than any product I've used, including Con-Korite."

Corey Voelker, Iowa Pork Producer

V-KRETE Repair Mortar

Fast-setting pure cement mortar that has high wear and very good chemical resistance. It is easy to work with yet rapid-setting to minimize down times.

  • Hog Slat Restoration
  • Trough Repair and Resurfacing
  • Floor Repairs
  • Bunk Repair and Resurfacing
  • Roadway Repairs
  • Can be used with POLMER V RESIN for added Bond Strength and Resistance to Absorption by harmful chemicals
Product Information

V-GARD 440LV Epoxy Overlay & Coating

High performance epoxy with excellent wear and chemical resistance properties. It has been shown to far outlast all other commonly used products.

  • Pig Slat Protection and Resurfacing using the V-GARD Slurry and Broadcast System
  • Pig Slat Repair using the V-STONE Mortar Formulation
  • Non-Slip Floor using the Slurry and Broadcast System
  • Protective and Decorative Floor Coatings for Shops, Offices, Garages, Cafeterias & More
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