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Pig Feeder Pad Restore


VANTEK crp is the product and systems entity that is part of The Vantek Group, Inc.  The Vantek Group originated in 1997.  It had the primary focus of developing products and systems, as well as marketing strategies and business organization for concrete restoration and protection products in the Agricultural Industry.  Until 2015 one of its key customers was Vanberg Specialized Coatings located in Kansas City, Kansas.  Vantek formulated some commonly known products used in the pork production industry such as Con-Korite and the ‘original’ Armor-Rock System.  Our services reached a vast audience as we assisted other companies with product formulation and development in the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia. 

It is our goal to help producers solve concrete issues as permanently and as cost-effective as possible.  Although we provide many products and services, our primary focus is on new and existing pork production and processing operations.  We thoroughly understand the harsh environmental conditions in these facilities and the products that are able to withstand them for a long time.  Products that are easy to work with offer a quick return to service and are much superior to earlier formulations. Guaranteed products & results!

Pork Processing Floors
Break Room Floors
Truck Bay Floors
Office Floors
Storage and Work Area Floors